Zapewnienie jakości

Zapewnienie jakości

Jakość jest kamieniem węgielnym Janee. At Janee quality assurance means a precision part. It’s something we do every day and have done every day since we started. Janee is committed to providing products and services with the quality that exceeds the continuing needs and expectations of our customers. We never compromise quality for expediency, which means that we guarantee that you can count on your part being made to exact specification, on time and within budget.
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All of our measuring toolings are corrected in the fixed time in order to keep the accuracy. Meanwhile, all of our QC staff are with years of experience, then they could use these measuring machines appropriately and correctly. All the parts you receive are from uncompromisable kontrola jakości. 

In addition to our own internally developed quality documentation and procedures and accurate inspection equipment, we're always willing to comply with customer-generated quality requirements, including PPAP (Production Part Approval Process, the generally accepted process for sample submission, including submission of material certification, source warrant, layout, dimensional measurement documentation; functional testing documentation, and an appearance approval report), FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis), and so on. Frequently our customers request control plans, final audit sheets, plating certification, or heat-treating certification. We welcome customer audits of our quality system, and copies of our Quality Manual are available upon request.

Besides, production equipment also plays a crucial role in controling the precision of products. Our machines can accommodate your needs from the samplest to the most complicated. Click here to learn more about our equipments



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